System development for CGM MEDISTAR

DataSpring has procured and developed all technological security for the CGM MEDISTAR system operation. It is an innovative step in e-health, which will support medical clinics in the Czech Republic.

Customer profile

CompuGroup Medical is an international healthcare software company. It deals with the electronization of healthcare, and strives to provide programs and other communication solutions that will help doctors, dentists and other health care providers in the organization of their work, diagnosis and treatment.

Implementation 2018-2021

CGM has had a very positive experience for over two years. Services have been completely stable with aggregated outages in level of minutes over such a long period. The communication with DataSpring is exemplary. Therefore, the farm of virtual servers is constantly growing along with the use of the modern CGM MEDISTAR outpatient system among doctors.

Vladimír Kryštof


Initial situation and project goals

Years ago, the Czech company Compugut Medical decided to provide outpatient software as a service from centralized servers. The reasons for this were the expected end-user mobility, better maintainability, it was easier to ensure compliance with the law, and the emphasis on high security. The objective of the project was to find a runtime solution for a widely used and innovative CGM MEDISTAR product. There are twenty thousand medical outpatient surgeries in the Czech Republic.


  • Easy to use for users.
  • High security of stored data and its daily automatic backup.
  • Operation of central servers under the constant supervision of IT professionals.
  • All updates take place in the background, without the need for a manual start.
  • Regular hardware upgrades.

Description of the solution

There were several different variants in the running for CGM MEDISTAR software. Finally, a cloud solution was chosen, which brings freedom to the user. DataSpring’s tender as a data centre provider succeeded, and upon signing the contract they arranged the configuration of all necessary virtual servers.

The chosen cloud solution brings freedom for the user as the data is stored and secured on servers, ensuring the user has no worries about them. It does not have to monitor backups, which are performed automatically, so a computer is enough for the work. By storing data in the cloud, CGM has constant control over the behaviour of servers and the load that their users put on them – and CGM can intervene as needed. The user does not have to worry about anything, they merely need to remember the password.

Within this project, a huge emphasis is placed on data security. This is provided by the cloud and DataSpring data centre in Lužice. Implementing this solution meant the data was under control, without the need for any user intervention. Data in healthcare is particularly sensitive and, due to the cloud, it does not have to be stored on computers in doctors' outpatient surgeries, but is stored and encrypted directly in a professional centre in Lužice using a web application. There they are secured against theft and other unpleasant events. It is not possible for a patient or doctor to lose data due to the loss or damage to the computer. Only the doctor or another authorized user knows the access data, and if the doctor does not disclose it, no one else has a chance to access the data.

Used technologies

  • Resource Pool
  • VDC Connect
  • Backup Commvault
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