Modernization of warehouse at ČSAD Uherské Hradiště a.s. with AC WMS and Dynamics 365

AC WMS on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform helps to optimize warehouse processes and reduces the error rate of warehouse operations. This is now an essential part of ČSAD Uherské Hradiště a.s.

Case study

Migration of 12,500 users of Česká spořitelna Bank to the Microsoft 365 platform

We designed and implemented a comprehensive transformation project for Česká Spořitelna. The entire bank and all 12,500 users were migrated to the Microsoft 365 environment.

Case study

Connecting a new e-shop with ERP for Pumpa - a pump manufacturer

The objective of the project was to modernize the Pumpa company e-shop by using Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sitecore Experience Platform to make it more user-friendly.

Case study

Faster and More Secure Access to Computers and Applications at Hospital Jihlava

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) help increase the efficiency of medical staff and simplify and speed up logging on shared computers.

Case study

System development for CGM MEDISTAR

DataSpring has procured and developed all technological security for the CGM MEDISTAR system operation. It is an innovative step in e-health, which will support medical clinics in the Czech Republic.

Case study

Secure manipulation with sensitive data of the Ostrava City Authority

The Ostrava City Authority has acquired a tool that allows users to control the work of employees who work with sensitive documents and can therefore prevent unwanted or wanted leaks.

HAVEL & PARTNERS manage marketing and sales using ACtive CRM and Power Apps


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HB Reavis, international workspace provider, uses Dynamics 365 Finance

The continuous building of large projects requires the coordination and connection of many entities - and technologies can significantly help in this process. Read how HB Reavis uses the Dynamics 365 information system.   

Case study

Information system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Moravia Consulting

Thanks to the standardization of processes, the new version will bring transparency, as well as easier implementation of modern IT technologies in the future. 

Case study

Cloud solution S/4 HANA for Marvinpac

Within the S/4 HANA project, we participated in a cloud and implementation solution in which all processes will take one place.

Security and remote administration of thousands of mobile facilities at the Census 2021

As part of the Census 2021, AUTOCONT also implemented part of the central control of the commissioners' devices as a service. IBM MaaS360 technology was used to manage and secure 10 000 devices.

Citizen portal for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

It is the beginning of the digital transformation of public administration, where end-users can access the state's electronic services from anywhere, anytime.

Deployment of Alvao Service Desk and Asset Management in the cloud of the Vysocina region

The Vysocina Region has decided to expand the Technology Center of the Vysocina Region services. The region acquired an application for requirements management and management through workflow, evidence and IT assets monitoring.

Comprehensive camera security of the area for the hospital in Jihlava

Surveillance technologies are nowadays crucial in healthcare. The camera system significantly increases the safety and comfort of patients, visitors and staff.

Comprehensive ERP solution for Automobilist with Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS

The main goal was to find a system that would grow as the company does and process all company agendas from purchasing and warehousing through logistics and accounting to sales through various channels.

Increasing production efficiency and planning precision in Schwan Cosmetics CR

Gradual minimalization of influence occurrence and impact in production, impacts detection, more precise planning of following stages, and keeping the know-how inside the company when employees leave.

Consolidation of several data centers into one hyper converged solution for PNS

Thanks to several IT environments consolidation, the customer significantly reduced costs for IT administration. The number of operated data centers and licenses needed for infrastructure service decreased.  

Infrastructure for SAP HANA in the cloud for OKAY

OKAY switched to the new SAP S4 platform using the HANA database located in the server memory. The platform ensures high availability, reliability, and security with the possibility of growth without an initial investment.

IT infrastructure operation in the cloud for ALCASYS

Customer service 24 hours a day on the infrastructure without failures, guaranteeing the required performance, capacity, and speed of response.

Building an intranet on the M365/SharePoint Online platform for PNS

The intranet was developed to connect teams and the whole organization, replacing the existing on-premise solution. The company processes were streamlined by materials sharing and applications on internal websites and portals.

Server infrastructure in AC cloud for Demos Trade

The company Demos Trade decided for its corporate infrastructure to switch to an AC cloud environment. Secure, virtual, and private data center with high availability of 99,999%.

Increasing cybersecurity at the University Hospital Hradec Králové

Enhancing awareness, registration, risk management, and performing the legislation requirements for cybersecurity. Elaboration and visualization of security events in real-time, audit log storage with long retention.

The conception of using Office 365 in Meopta-Optika company

The company started to use the Office 365 tools fully, the optimal way of cooperation in teams and naming and understanding the main benefits of each role was set.

IT services outsourcing for AGC Glass Europe

The company AGC received a comprehensive solution of project requirements by integrating operating support and having transparent costs for IT management, antivirus system, and Office 365 environment.

Secure and intuitive network and user rights management from the cloud for LetsGetChecked

A concept enabling complete remote network management with Cisco Meraki technology with a unified administration interface and strong endpoint security using cloud services.

Mobile application for transport costs managing on missions for Člověk v tísni, o.p.s.

Simple mobile application use for the company's logistic worldwide processes management with an online view for every ongoing and implementing trip.

Migration of FISCHER travel agency data to the data centre

Thanks to the portfolio of DataSpring services, the FISCHER group increased the guarantee of availability of information systems.

Case study

Ensuring restaurants' IT service and introducing The McDonald's self-service kiosks

Increasing customers' maximal comfort by replacing the cash desks with self-service kiosks minimized possible negative impacts of human factors. All changes were implemented during full operation and with minimal errors.

Ensuring cyber security supervision for Česká zbrojovka a.s.

Advanced security supervision service ensures preventive and defense provisions that can identify the real threats almost in real-time, readily react, and restore the IT sources' credibility.

Virtual data center with a security solution for FIEGE company

Increasing the stability and economic efficiency of IT systems' operation, greater flexibility for the branch office network's possible growth, obtaining security standards.

Case study

Electronic services in MS AZURE for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

The solution Citizens Portal provides the possibility of central access to national electronic services. With the combination of eID cards, it comes to a real start of the public administration's digital transformation. 

Security supervision in Tescoma s.r.o.

The advanced security supervision service significantly increases cybersecurity, accelerates the remedy, and helps the company's IT sources credibility recovery. 

Security supervision for Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s.

Kofola has significantly increased its security without investing in the implementation of robust software systems, seeking or training security specialists, and addressing their substitutability.

Ensuring cyber security - SIEM for the State Institute for Drug Control

An important contract in the field of security management and monitoring using the IBM QRadar SIEM. The agreement included the architecture draft and analysis, installation, implementation, training, and documentation. 

Presentation displays for the Dr.Max pharmacy network

Besides delivery, installation, and subsequent service, we enabled the customer to unify and fully manage the pharmacy network's distribution of marketing information from one place. 

Microsoft Office 365 brings great benefits for Brno

Thanks to the solution, user approaches were unified across the individual city districts. It has brought several benefits, such as reducing administrative burden or monitoring the number and structure of granted licenses.

Active Directory Migration in Třinecké železárny

With the transition of Active Directory, file services, and other infrastructure parts to higher operation system version Windows Server 2016, the management efficiency increased, and security improved. 

Biometric signing in the store and in the field for GIENGER spol. s.r.o.

The solution eliminated the need to scan and archive paper delivery lists. It serves both in stores and as a mobile app for drivers who ensure the goods delivery.

IT infrastructure and key applications in the cloud for ČSA

Thanks to cloud services, the administration costs of the entire IT environment have been significantly reduced. All this with high availability, deployment speed, and service administration in Office 365.

Consolidation and migration of the document management system for O2 Czech Republic a.s.

With the chosen solution, the number of storage was reduced from 43 to 4! This was also reflected in the savings in licenses, license maintenance fees, and operating costs.

OS&D System registers defects in the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech production

The developed solution transfers the process of approval and monitoring of damaged parts to all participating departments' PC screens. It made the whole process clearer and eliminated product errors.

Supercomputers virtualization and backup infrastructure in the IT4Innovations center

Building a support infrastructure for the national supercomputer center - hardware service support for the Anselm supercomputer, implementing virtualization and backup infrastructure for the Salomon supercomputer.

Highly available and efficient IT infrastructure for Madeta a.s.

By purchasing two identical storages connected to synchronous replication, the customer received a high-availability solution. Lower consumption of electricity and cooling was reflected in further savings.

Visual History Archive Server Room for the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, CUNI

Building an IT infrastructure for the visual history archive containing almost 52,000 audiovisual testimonies of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses filmed in 57 countries and 34 languages.

Online monitoring of the operation quality process in MOBIS Automotive Czech s.r.o.

This online solution increased the number of defective products and increased production efficiency. The whole process became clearer, and the actual production quality can be compared to the previous sections. 

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