vBR Network Attached Storage

Flexible disk capacity, which the customer manages himself thanks to a dedicated management interface, which is available within the Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC).

Easy access, strong security

Data access is possible via standard NFS and CIFS protocols. Thanks to the support of MS Active Directory and LDAP services, it is possible to integrate the NAS into the customer's environment and centrally control access to data.

Data stored in the NAS service can be encrypted thanks to a solution that uses a central key management server. The customer can operate it in an internal environment. Therefore, complete control over the encryption keys and the data encryption and decryption process can be ensured while maintaining the flexibility of the service.

Everything is under customer´s control

The customer has complete control over the entire configuration and manages the policies for data access, creation and retention of Snapshots, replication and backup of data between multiple instances of the NAS service. In addition, it is possible to use this service as a destination for replicas and backups from the NetApp system, which the customer already runs in its internal environment. It is thus possible to create a hybrid solution for solving DR requirements without the need to build your own DR location.



  • Guarantee of placing data in the Czech Republic
  • Reserved disk capacity using NetApp's enterprise storage technology to store your data, accessible via CIFS (SMB 2.0, 3.0) and NFS (v3, v4, v4.1) protocols
  • Completely separate environments of individual customers with their own management interface
  • Flexible solution with the possibility of increasing
  • Capacity reduction integrated into the Virtix portal
  • Full support for creating and working with Snapshots
  • Native support for replicating data between multiple NAS instances and across different vPDCs
  • Support for replication and backup of data from the customer's NetApp installation
  • Possibility of encrypting stored data using Gemalto products with the use of an external key manager located at the customer's site
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