AC WMS – Warehouse Management System solution extending ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

AC WMS ensures better organization of processes in warehouses. Then your warehouse is controlled by the system, not by the warehouse workers. The system supports simple receipt of goods, storage and outbound operations.

Simplicity and no worries about integration with ERP

The AC WMS application is a comprehensive extension of the functionality of controlled warehouses in your company Dynamics 365 Business Central system (formerly NAV). AC WMS is a unified part of ERP Dynamics 365. This way you get reliable records of inventory and its movement, you can clearly check warehouse capacity and you no longer have to deal with inconsistencies between accounting and the physical state of the inventory.

AC WMS supported areas

  • Operation of own and external warehouses
  • Receipt and storage of goods
  • Dispatching and shipping goods
  • Mobile application
  • QR and barcode support
  • Definition of tasks and their priorities for warehouse workers
  • Evaluation of warehouse workers

Mobile application

The whole system is simple and clear, so it accelerates and makes the work of warehouse workers more efficient. In addition to all warehouse processes, you can use the mobile application for all readers with the Android system.

The process of receiving and storing goods

The warehouse worker receives the goods simply by using a mobile device and a warehouse receipt with a zero error rate.

Upon receipt, the goods are divided into logistic units – different types of pallets and IBC containers. Each unit is assigned a barcode that corresponds to its number in the system.

After the unit is established, the warehouse worker scans the QR codes or barcodes of the products and obtains information about the batch, expiration dates or serial number from the scanned information provided. If there is no code on the product, he can easily print a new label. Through storage, individual logistic units will be stored in a specific designated compartment. By scanning the barcode, the warehouse worker confirms that he placed the unit in the given compartment.

After uploading the information, the receipt of the goods is automatically recorded. By posting the receipt, a document for storage is created and an e-mail concerning storage is automatically sent to the administration staff.

Shipping and dispatching

Ensure satisfied customers thanks to a zero error rate during the outbound process. You can ship the entire unit or just parts of it. Of course, the system takes into account specific information about the inventory, such as batches or production numbers. You can ship the goods using the FIFO method. AC WMS also supports unit dispatching completion.

Stocktaking, warehouse transfers and printing outputs

You can make a very simple stocktake in the system. You just load the goods, enter their quantity and value, and the stocktaking is automatically booked. The same applies to inventory movement. To move the inventory, just scan the barcode of the logistic unit and then the movement will be recorded. You can also create printouts and reports directly in AC WMS.

Register of packaging

Monitor the stock status of individual types of packaging (small pallet, large pallet, IBC container, etc.). Using the system, you can monitor how many packages are available and how many are currently in use.

The possibility of operating a warehouse system as a service

The system can be operated without complex updates, and you will always have its current version in the cloud. All your data will be kept safe in state-of-the-art data centres. You will have everything arranged simply, without worrying about the maintenance or operation of the ICT infrastructure.

AC WMS finds application in various types of organizations - logistics, distribution, wholesale, e-commerce, transport, production and others.

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  • Organized and efficient work of warehouse workers with a significantly lower error rate
  • Fast training of new warehouse workers with the possibility of using language localizations
  • Using a simple mobile app to scan QR and barcodes
  • Traceability of goods by batch
  • Online overview of inventory in the warehouse
  • Stocktaking and stock movements can be easily performed
  • Overview of the number of used and unused packaging
  • All updates take place automatically and you can access the data from anywhere
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