Network security and cloud connection

Network security is based on its architecture. Implementation of separate administration and well-chosen segmentation is a necessary measure in combating the so-called Advanced Persistent Threats. These threats use the content of legitimate applications to spread. Therefore, to eliminate the spreading, it is necessary to check the access to network resources and use in-depth communication check and extended traffic analysis for their detection.

It is crucial that preventive technologies such as DDoS Protectors, Next Generation Firewalls, Web and E-mail Gateways, and Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) mutually exchange information about the security situation with end-devices systems and with Global Threat Intelligence. An advanced level of protection based on advanced behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies is Sandbox's use.

DDoS, IPS, Firewall

DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) Protector provides security towards DDoS attacks. Network IPS can detect risks and stop them by notifying security administrators. Next Generation Firewall provides Internet access and, if needed, separates areas with a different security level.

Mail & Web Gateway, Sandboxing

Mail and Web Gateways are crucial because they secure the company from malicious codes, malware, and viruses. Sandboxing is a technology used together with Mail and Web Gateways by analyzing codes and informing about the result. 


Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is located between the company's and cloud providers' infrastructure and allows security extension into the cloud services. 


Unified network access control ensures high-level security access to the network using AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting). Remote access and SD-WAN (VPN) then provides optimal performance for cloud applications and helps users to access the cloud or network from any place.  

Network Traffic Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis (NBA) increases network security by monitoring the traffic and can detect suspicious activity.

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