Application and datacentre protection

Availability of critical central applications running on HW resources located in data centers is crucial. When it comes to HW and SW failures, Backup and Replication are very important. Loadbalancing technologies can solve performance scaling and availability across multiple data centers. In addition to the intelligent distribution of accessing users to application servers according to different metrics, it helps with protocol compression and can also provide SSL offloading (SSL VPN concentrator). It also makes it easy to deploy Single Sign-On and, along with Application Delivery Controller (ADC) products, securely publish desktops and applications.

Additionally, the Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology helps increase the security of published web applications. WAF can prevent attacks before they reach the Web application and provides protection where standard packet firewalls and IPS are ineffective.



Web Application Firewall increases the overall security by preventing attacks before they hit the inherent web application. Application Delivery Controller (ADC)'s main task is to ensure safe application publication or its part or process from the secure internal part of the network or datacentre to external, unsafe network as the Internet.

Loadbalancing, backup

In cybersecurity, load balancing is the technology that increases the availability of provided services and applications. Backup and replication are also essential in the field of cybersecurity. 

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