Cloud Services

AUTOCONT has solutions and services based on public, private or hybrid cloud use. These are multinational providers services and our cloud services. Our services are implemented from geographically separated data centres in the Czech Republic, and according to the customer's environment knowledge, they are provided with excellent support in the local language. In the field of cloud, AUTOCONT offers consulting, designs and implements migration scenarios and ensures overall operation.

AC Cloud services enable the standardization of cloud services operation thanks to the unique Virtix portal. That provides advanced IT cost management and multi-level virtual data centre resource management. The services offer guaranteed IT infrastructure performance and are certified for SAP HANA operation.

DataSpring cloud services offer customers with a large IT environment a wide range of tailor-made services. They support complex projects, including interconnection with the customer's local environment or the Azure ecosystem. Also, They offer a platform for creating and running enterprise applications in containers, SQL Enterprise database in the form of service or housing in their own data centre.

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