Imagine the cloud

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Customers can use the range of services offered in the city. One of these is the library, which we are using as an analogy for managing databases. The library has high availability (non-stop opening hours), and we regularly take care of its updates.


Roads that display connectivity, connect customers with important points in the city. They are also connected to international roads out of the city. Our roads are modern, high-speed, and we can guarantee that they are never jammed.


We can compare the Storage service to the rental of a parking lot. The customers choose how many spaces they need and whether they will park a large van there, or a small car.


This is the rental of an apartment, where the customers can choose their parameters before, but the apartments are already preconfigured (e.g. 2 + 1 with 55 m2, 3 + 1 with 80 m2, etc.) The apartment is in a prefabricated block of flats without a reception. It is fully self-serviced and automated because it is in the pleAzurestack cloud environment.

Virtual Server

Virtual Server is located in a shared environment. In our analogy it is an apartment in the prefabricated block of flats. We will build it based on the requirements and wishes of the customer (e.g. number of rooms, their size). This prefabricated block of flats has a reception that can be contacted in the event of any problem.

Resource Pool

Resource pool can be imagined as individual floors for rent in the tower block. The customer leases the entire floor, where various apartments can be found. The entire floor with apartments is rented by customers, but they cannot make alterations to the construction by themselves.

Bare Metal

We can compare the Bare Metal service to the rental of a plot of land that has a terraced house on it. You do not share the land when you rent it, and the customer does not share the terraced house with anyone either. We take care of the land and the house.


Housing can be imagined as the rental of land. The customer can rent a pre-prepared plot of land, including all engineering networks, and it is up to the customer what type of construction will be built here. Then they take care of their house. Individual plots of land are physically separated from other plots by a fence.

City security system

Like the data centre, the city must be protected from different types of attacks. Overall protection is provided by satellites above the city. They protect the city from external influences, and we can compare them, for example, to protection against DDoS attacks that come from outside.

Another security feature in the city is security cameras. These monitor and record all the events in the city. Entry into the city is organized by the security, and it is always necessary to pass through customs. Likewise, our data centres are electronically and physically secured.


In our city, backup is represented by a hologram of the customer’s apartment equipment or house that they rent from us. If anything happened to the customer's house or apartment, based on the hologram we can build it
exactly as it was, including all of the equipment
because it is backed up.

Company e-mail / MS Exchange

One of the most common services in any city is the post office. In our city it displays the company e-mail, cloud electronic mail solution, calendars, and contacts for companies and organizations.

Managed VM

In Managed VM, we take care of the operating system. In our city, this can be seen as a maintenance service for the apartments that we rent to customers.


Greendrive is a storage system that allows for easy customer data exchange with the surroundings. Large documents can be uploaded for which standard e-mail is not sufficient. In our city, this service can be looked upon as secured luggage storage.


In order for the customer to move to our city, we also offer moving services (migration works). This offer is valid to anyone who wants to move to our city. We know our city perfectly, therefore we can guarantee that the move will be smooth.

Consultants, License Specialists and Architects

There is also an architectural project office, i.e., our consultants, licensing specialists and experts. These suggest solutions and help customers to find the one that is tailored to their needs.

Service Desk

If city residents have a problem, they can turn to the town hall to get assistance. Likewise, customers can contact our service desk.

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