Technical support

We will provide you with professional technical support for the AC CLOUD environment at the listed contacts.

Cloud usage support

We help our new and existing customers with orientation in cloud services. We want to become partners and drive in changing their IT to a partial or complete cloud form. We offer assistance with using the knowledge and experience of a long-term integrator of information technologies and services on the Czech and Slovak markets. Each customer is unique to AUTOCONT and has specific needs. Our solutions also connect the customer's existing local infrastructure and cloud environments, the hybrid cloud.

Cloud migration

If you are not dealing with the launch of a completely new area of ​​IT in your company, one of the most critical steps to start using cloud services is to design and implement a migration using the current local solution. This step is usually neglected or not considered as a priority. Many software tools are available for migration, but it isn't easy to perform the migration without the appropriate knowledge. We are ready to prepare a migration scenario for each cloud service in advance, estimate the time required and outline what the resulting state will be in the form of cloud services. If you find migration difficult in terms of utilising your human resources, we offer the implementation of migration with our team of specialists.

Technical specification of services

Detailed text of the technical specification of AC CLOUD services can be found in this pdf document.

General terms and conditions

Detailed text of the business conditions for providing AC CLOUD services can be found in this pdf document. 

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