Virtual private data center

As part of our vPDC (virtual private data center) services, enterprise IT technologies are used. Thus, the services differ from other infrastructure cloud services on the market, emphasizing quality at prices available to medium and small companies.

Services are offered in the following forms: IaaS public cloud, IaaS dedicated cloud, and hybrid solution (vPDC cloud services combined with the customer's hardware and SW resources). The structure of services covers the everyday needs of the data center - it is divided into categories Server, Storage, Networking, and Software. Find out more.

Virtual Backup & Recovery

Reliable, cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for data backup and recovery are part of critical scenarios in today's world of cyber attacks to ensure the continuous operation of an organization. That is why we offer a wide range of vBR (Virtual Backup & Recovery) services, which comprehensively deal with the issue of backup and recovery of data to/from the cloud. Find out more.

SAP HANA in cloud

Through this service, we bring the possibility of using two current trends - the SAP HANA platform and the infrastructure provision in the form of a cloud service. SAP HANA is a revolutionary platform for applications and analysis of large volumes of real-time data from SAP. It is a combination of a database and an application platform into one in-memory technology, where the entire system is operated in the operating memory of servers. Find out more.

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