Our benefits

Total flexibility

With the Virtix platform for managing and accounting cloud services, the use of computing resources of virtual private data centre and other cloud services is very flexible and organized for the customer. Full automation, transparent monitoring, and reporting are available. The billing of cloud services is also very clear and detailed, allowing to divide costs into the customer's necessary units easily. The services underline the overall flexibility for the customer in the pre-sales phase, namely quick responses, high competence for solution proposals with many years of cloud experience, demo options, and price optimization. In the after-sales phase, it is the speed of responses to requests, the level of support in Czech and English, the availability of support in the 24x7 mode, and the competence overlap of support.

High availability

Not availability as availability. Take a cloud service and shared resources use as refueling your car with several rows of racks. With us as a service provider, you will always come to your refueling stand, choose the type and volume of fuel refueled and choose directly from the car when and how you pay. Do you commonly encounter such situations when you come in line at the entrance to a full gas station or when you draw services from another cloud provider? We have a guarantee of qualitative parameters of cloud services, which is at a very high level. The guaranteed availability of the service is 99.999%, and the guarantee of the SLA qualitative parameters is 99.6 - 99.99%.

Maximum security

With our cloud services, customer data and information are maximally secured. The data is located in two data centers in the Czech Republic. Their physical security is certified at the Tier III + level. We also have ISO 27001 certification and verified compliance with the GDPR (documentation, processes, technology). In addition, we have the implemented Intel TXT technology (Trusted Execution Technology) and an available virtual server encryption service.

Virtix Portal

It is a unique customer portal for managing and charging services. Through the Virtix Portal, customers receive a powerful tool, which effectively serves the customers in many areas - ordering services, configuration, and services administration, user management, reporting, and services charging. Find out more.

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