Information systems

Higher efficiency, more flexible processes, and increased productivity are the main reasons we offer progressive cloud solutions Microsoft Dynamics 365. Discover the possibilities of corporate platforms for ERP and CRM systems.

Business management and finance

Whether yours is a small, medium, or large enterprise, evaluate your business, improve financial controls, and make timely decisions that promote flexibility and business growth. Get a comprehensive financial statement in real time, as well as integrated artificial intelligence-based analyses. Save time and money with a reliable ERP.
Solve corporate process management by using state-of-the-art information systems.

Sales and marketing

Reach customers through digital channels and personal interactions across marketing, sales, and services. Incorporate customers into your preferred channels at the right time using artificial intelligence-based recommendations. Get a reliable and intuitive tool for controlling not only automated marketing campaigns. Anticipate the needs of your customers, get to know them better, and pay more attention to reliable CRM.

Customer service

Customer care, retaining loyalty, and providing the highest level of service is the goal of almost every successful company. Respond quickly to changing customer requirements across all communication channels. Discover the CRM and ServiceDesk solution that will support your business and service teams, ensuring your customers are satisfied.

Communication and cooperation

Support your performance with progressive tools for creating documents, online communication, and planning. Communicate and share documents with your team, from the office and beyond. Always do this online and with the highest security level.

Human resources

Take care of the development and long-term contribution of employees. Optimize HR agendas, manage employee development in compliance with the company's needs, and record everything clearly in one place. Create a workplace where people and businesses thrive. When employees succeed, your business will succeed.

Project management

Focus on your projects and connect your business in one application. Ensure the right people work on the right projects. You can achieve this through resource overview, planning, administration, and skills. Increase profitability and gain the necessary visibility, collaboration and agility to succeed in your business - from payment planning to profits.

Production and industry

Increase your agility and operating margin with simplified processes that allow employees to work more efficiently. By getting the right insights and information from the data, employees will have better tools for faster and more informed decision making.

Warehouse and logistics

Monitor the movement of goods in the warehouse. Use a control system that is built on a high degree of configuration. Get automatic generation of work tasks for employees according to user-defined rules and templates.

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