Modern manufacturing system Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business production

Manufacturing includes processes that need to be connected to make everything go according to plan. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management you can manage your production more efficently using modern technologies.

Technological advancement

From data analysis, through advanced robotics, to virtual reality, there are technologies that bring an unprecedented transformation to production. Let's have a look at some technologies that can be used to increase the speed of operations, reduce human intervention or minimize error rates.

Internet of Things (IoT), is mainly used for predictive and proactive maintenance, monitoring and analysis of operations across devices, in addition to security. Real-time performance monitoring helps schedule machine maintenance when it's required, reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime and consequent loss of productivity.

Engineering Change Management (ECM) is a business information management system. It contributes to comprehensive and intelligent information management not only in production. It also helps to find any production documents, data and information and connects them in a business workflow.

Virtual reality can be used in the process of designing new products, when realistic models eliminate the need to produce complex prototypes. It also accelerates the elimination of potential problems before the start of production or lengthy approvals with the customer. But virtual reality is also starting to be used more in the field of workflows, improving benchmarking processes and maintaining compliance through training protocols and maintenance manuals.

Carrying out production and registration helps production workers track items and time spent on production jobs. All registrations are subsequently approved and transferred to the relevant agendas. Continuous approval and record keeping of registrations enables managers to easily monitor the actual costs of production orders.

Optimize operating costs

Adjust sub- and overhead costs (derived directly from direct manufacturing costs) using the cost form system. You get a detailed overview of all input costs and can compare them with your estimated costs.

The above mentioned IoT technology will certainly help you to reduce costs, especially thanks to its predictive production management and energy consumption analysis.

In addition to the saved costs for production, you will also save the costs of the ERP system thanks to its cloud operation, since you will not need to purchase and manage the system hardware.

Overview of production and capacities

Tired of outdated reports? Modernizing the system can also bring you automatically generated reports based on current data directly from the factory. Get an overview and report whenever you require them. Reports can provide you with immediate data, for example on the duration and frequency of downtime - so you can observe the causes of production stoppages and receive reports on performance and overall quality.

Effective production planning

Determine and optimize the need for raw materials, capacity of machines and operators in production with Dynamics 365. Plan what materials and capacity you will need to cover all production requirements, taking into account real orders, as well as forecasts. With the system, when creating forecasts and orders, thanks to an overview of historical data, you can fine-tune the generated proposal according to the current outlook.

Solutions for every type of production

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management will cope with all areas of technical production preparation. It supports the management of serial and custom production. You can plan the amount of material, manage capacity and manage production orders with this highly efficient tool.

What you can gain by upgrading?

  • Savings in operating costs for production management
  • Monitoring of the production environment
  • Control of energy consumption in production halls
  • Saving of human resources
  • Regular real-time production reports
  • Easier production planning linked to resource planning and purchasing operations
  • The possibility of predictive management of service and machine repairs
  • A system tailored to the needs of your production

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