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Warehouse management is a complex process that requires accurate data and excellent work organization for efficient running. With AC WMS you can automate, speed up and made more efficient all your warehouse processes.

What is the WMS warehouse management system?

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a software for warehouse management, allowing you to have full control over your warehouse. It will enable you to solve all warehouse processes from the receipt of goods to preparing them for dispatch. The WMS also connects accounting with the warehouse and can deal with several levels of inventory. This system is suitable for manufacturing companies with their own warehouse, in addition to logistics companies or wholesalers.


Inventory management and productivity

The AC WMS solution makes inventory management a much faster, easier and more efficient process. Information is updated in real-time, so AC WMS provides fast and accurate feedback.

Thanks to this, you can respond to your customers' requests more efficiently, as you know exactly what is in the warehouse, where it is located and when specific goods need to be replenished. Workers are able to generate more work in less time because they have all the current information they need.

Mobility is a commonplace

Mobile devices help automate work tasks and support the transition from paper to electronic work and speed up activity records. The barcode reader and intuitive mobile application will therefore become the best helper for your warehouse workers.

For all processes, they will use a mobile application, where they will use a reader to read the codes placed on all items in the warehouse. In this way, you will get a perfect overview of the inventory, reduce the error rate of warehouse workers and achieve a paperless warehouse. The indisputable advantage of the mobile application and code scanning is the increase in data accuracy and the reduction of erroneous operations in the warehouse.  

Accurate data and system interconnectivity

Thanks to the direct connection of AC WMS with the information system, the data on all movement of goods in the warehouse on both sides, i.e. in the system and in the warehouse, is uniform, clear and, above all, easy to check. All the necessary information is available immediately and in real-time to the warehouse staff, management, but also, for example, to customers via the e-shop. This fundamentally speeds up not only work in the warehouse, but also helps to automate procurement and sales, the movement of items and staff around the warehouse or inventory checking.

Advantages of AC WMC compared to warehouse records in ERP

If you manage your warehouse in ERP, you use the functions of your company system. AC WMS has other additional functions, the biggest difference is that AC WMS will actively manage your warehouse, while ERP is used only for warehouse records, allowing you the chance to manage and monitor many other processes yourself.  

In practice, this means for example the warehouse worker will only see in the ERP system the numerical designation of the shelf and the goods, which he will then find himself in the warehouse. While the WMS system will enable the warehouse worker to use a reader for reading the barcode on each warehouse item. Based on a mathematical algorithm, the WMS system will show the shortest path to the goods. As soon as the warehouse worker finds the goods, the reader confirms to him that he has the right item. This reduces the risk of product confusion and reduces the error rate of workers.

What will you gain with AC WMS?

  • System controlled warehouse processes
  • The warehouse worker doesn't have to make complicated decisions and just needs to follow the instructions
  • You eliminate mistakes and confusion when handling goods
  • You get a paperless warehouse and uniform data on the status of the goods
  • You will have an overview of the state of the warehouse in real-time
  • You will increase productivity in the warehouse
  • You automate the warehouse processes

AC WMS  is designed to enable continuous improvement of your processes. The system can be implemented in phases so that it can be continuously updated with newly developed features consistently and keep the warehouses efficient.

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