Game Changer in Manufacturing

The smarter ‘smart factories’ get, the more optimized manufacturing management will become. Machine learning is the element of artificial intelligence that deals with the way computers can produce better, more decisive analysis with each roll of the dice. Algorithms not so very different from those Google uses to deliver targeted ads to your browser are being employed to predict market changes on the micro and macro level.

In the past, management would respond to market changes retrospectively – like slamming on the breaks (or hitting the gas!) right after they’d passed the window of opportunity. This time lag is becoming a thing of the past.

AI algorithms are becoming more and more adept at analysing growth trends. But as they get smarter, the patterns that they identify will take into account not just sales and supply chains, but every little detail that affects the market, from location and economic conditions to politics and the weather. And they’ll tell manufacturers before it happens.

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