Architecture and IT Strategy

Architecture and IT Strategy

Most customers of the company and those from the sphere of state or public administration are not currently interested in single information technologies or systems. On the contrary, they logically expect the procurement of solutions to support their businesses or the operations of state or public administration. Implementing these solutions usually means having to build or connect more information systems, technologies and suppliers, as well as linking them together into an operating unit, for which the system integrator will be responsible to the customer.

AUTOCONT has the ambition, skill and experience to meet this role for its customers and other suppliers. AUTOCONT’s offer therefore includes consultancy in the field of ICT security and management, consultancy on ICT strategy and development, and overall business and process consultancy.

Business and Process Consulting

We will help you realize the specific steps to fulfill the business objectives of your company or organization in connection with ICT. We use our expertise, years of experience and best practices in the areas of enterprise architecture, process analysis and process management.

We use a combination of the right procedures to meet your expectations and fine tune the ICT services rendered with your business strategies. Our goal is to design and implement specific projects, which are based on the development of enterprise architecture, process analysis, and process management.

Consulting on the Strategy, Development and Management of ICT

In the field of strategy, development and management consultations, we follow a systematic approach in the given areas. We build on knowledge of deployment and operation of solutions, knowledge of ICT systems and technologies, and we follow trends in business and ICT.

We provide project and advisory services to support correct and effective decision making. In the case of performance or functional shortcomings of a particular ICT solution, we will add a set of corrective actions and find a way to control the level of business alignment and ICT. Fulfilling the ICT strategy we consider to be the driving force of the conceptual development of ICT.

Consulting on the Security and Management of ICT

The security projects we offer are focused on detecting deficiencies, threats, vulnerabilities and risks, whether they threaten the information system itself or the data processed in it. Information and communication technologies in the organization must primarily be the means, not the obstacle to work. Therefore, it is important to set acceptable principles for the proper and safe use of them. To find a balance between the quantity of implemented security features and the usability of the system secured in this manner is the goal of our security policy based on the results of an analysis / audit risk of your system.

We also provide auditing services for IT management, and we offer licensed audits. In the area of IT management according to ITIL, we also focus on consulting services and training.

IS security strategy; Information Security Management System (ISMS); Risk analysis of IS security; Penetration tests; Personnel audit of IS use; Audit of IS security (ISO 27000); Licensing consultancy and audit.

Methods of Delivering Solutions and Services

Our long time on the market has given us a tremendous amount of experience with the widest possible implementations in delivering solutions and services. Our specialists are able to comprehensively take care of all customer needs. We realize the importance of the individual approach, and therefore we offer a wide range of delivery options.

We use our mutual communication to determine which method of delivery is best for the client. The right choice facilitates the deployment of the solution and eliminates the problems that commonly occur during implementation.

Project; Service Contract; Consultation; Training.