Networking, communication and collaboration

Here we find everything that connects the company’s computers together or with the outside world, including whatever supports communicating and collaborating between people.

The company’s LAN (Local Area Network) is the hub of all computers. It can be built on cables, wireless (WI-FI) or a combination of both methods. Often it is necessary to connect not only individual users to the company network, but also all of its offices in different cities. Another necessity is to connect the company to the Internet.

This area includes the services required to build or migrate the directory structure of the organization, its email and archives, a tool for group collaboration and document sharing, voice services and systems for audio and video conferencing – all for the benefit of greater work productivity.

AUTOCONT offers in this field:

  • Network access – switching, routing, Wi-Fi
  • Implementation of email systems
  • Software Defined Network
  • Telephony and conferencing systems
  • Implementation and migration of directory services
  • Implementation of email systems
  • Solutions for accessing and sharing data