Management, Support and IT Operations, Service

The IT department needs a “dashboard” where they can see that everything is working properly and whether users are receiving the necessary information and services. IT is used for managing the organization, but even it needs to be managed. Management needs to know how many IT resources there are, how they are being used, and they want to know the operating costs. Users must know how to effectively call for help and support. We therefore implement the necessary systems.

Setting up IT to work problem-free is impossible. From an operational perspective, however, practically the same result can be achieved. By using our offer of contracted support services, IT operation and experienced specialists, we can quickly and competently solve very difficult situations. We offer warranty and post-warranty service with an exceptional scope and structure of services.

Services/products offered

  • Managing and monitoring servers
  • Managing and monitoring networks
  • Managing and monitoring terminal equipment
  • Managing and monitoring applications
  • System Asset Management
  • Service Desk Systems
  • Support services and IT operations
  • Warranty and post-warranty services