Data center and virtualization

Our servers and data storage are located in the data center. This safeguards the basic functions of the company. The information system, electronic mail, Internet connection, websites, etc., are all dependent on it. All shared files and databases are stored here. Smaller organizations can make do with a separate, air-conditioned room where the servers are located, while bigger ones need more – reliable power and cooling, fire protection systems, secure access and remote communication. The virtualization, consolidation and optimization of servers and data storage in recent years have radically changed the structure of the data center.

AUTOCONT offers in this field:

  • Server virtualization and consolidation
  • Data storage hybrid, AllFlash
  • Hyperconverged systems, SDS
  • AUTOCONT Private Cloud
  • Solutions for backup and storage
  • UPS solution and non-IT technologies of DC
  • Networking DC / SDN, Loadbalancing
  • High availability and disaster recovery of DC